Brice D'Souza

Brice D’Souza

Property Consultant at Uber Homes Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Villa Nova, Dubailand
  • Specialties: Off-Plan & Secondary Market Listing & Sales

About Brice D’Souza

Brice is a highly motivated Indian National who has been residing in UAE since 2002. With 20+ years of work experience in the Airline Industry with an Industry leader, his service deliverables are high. Having been part of a diverse workforce of 120+ nationalities and having traveled extensively around the world, he is adept at working with different nationalities and understands the subtle nuances in different cultures, and will be in a strong position to uniquely understand customer needs. The property market has always been his passion and he has been following it since its early days giving him a deeper understanding of the same. What Brice brings to the table is honesty, integrity, and dedication which is his strong belief thereby making one’s buying journey a memorable one.

Language: English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani

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