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29 November 2022

Dubai the second best city in world for expats in 2022 ranking

Dubai has been ranked as the second best city in the world for expats, with Abu Dhabi also featuring in the top 10.

29 November 2022

Dubai real estate growing fastest in the world: Report

Dubai leads the 25-city forecast for 2023 with price growth expected to reach 13.5 percent. Across the cities traced the price prices were expected to rise by 2 percent on average in 2023.

29 November 2022

Dubai prime residential market set for world's strongest growth in 2023

With prime homes transacting for around $800 per square foot, Dubai is one of the most ‘affordable’ luxury residential markets in the world.

22 November 2022

Time to buy? Dubai to face shortage of villas and townhouses

The emirate’s real estate market has broken all records as a result of strong demand, with the most expensive villa being sold for over Dh302 million.

21 November 2022

Dubai: New rental index to include building quality, amenities

The rating system program was launched in 2015 and covers all the old and new buildings in the emirate.

21 November 2022

Dubai real estate remains rare bright spot amid global economic doom

In the third quarter of 2022, Dubai’s real estate market witnessed the highest performance for a quarter in 12 years.

14 November 2022

UAE Golden Visa holders can now sponsor parents on 10-year residency

A new significantly expanded visa scheme went into force on October 3, introducing new entry permits and simplifying existing options.

09 November 2022

New UAE rule: All employees must get job loss insurance from 2023

Employees of private sector companies and federal government departments can subscribe to the scheme from as low as Dh5 per month.

05 November 2022

Golden Visa UAE 2022 – Are You Eligible for the Much-coveted Residency Visa?

Since its implementation, the UAE Golden Visa system has generated quite a buzz among certain groups of expatriates.

stock rental

04 November 2022

‘Offer and Deposit’ service – how you can deposit your rent at Dubai Land Department

Rent hike is not as per Rental Index? This service allows you to raise the issued with DLD.
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19 October 2022

Mukesh Ambani buys Dubai's most expensive villa for $163 million; breaks own record

Media reports in August named him as the mystery buyer of an $80 million villa in the city, purportedly bought for …

Russians buy in UAE

18 October 2022

Russians are top property buyers in Dubai; Indians come third

Russians have emerged as top property buyers in the Dubai property market, surpassing Indians, British and Italian investors.


11 October 2022

UAE: 'Golden Pension' announced for expats to help boost gratuity

Private sector employees have the flexibility to contribute as little as Dh100 on a monthly basis and earn a profit on the amount saved.
Dubai’s Luxury Home Market

10 October 2022

Dubai’s Luxury Home Market Is Booming as Wealthy Buyers Flock to City

Dubai’s prime real-estate prices jumped 89% over the past year. Sale of properties priced over $10 million also hit fresh high.


07 October 2022

Dubai's property market sold its priciest villa and apartment in same quarter - Q3-2022

The villa deal was for Dh302.5 million, for a brand new home built by Alpago Properties on the Palm’s ‘Billionaires’ Row’, or the G frond.


07 October 2022

Dubai property rules: Listings limited to three brokers, ads and listings ...

Starting in October, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) allows sellers to list their properties with a maximum of three brokers.


05 October 2022

UAE golden visa: Read more here on how to apply for the golden visa?

Various talent from an array of industries can apply for a long-term residency. The UAE golden visa is highly sought after.
New Visa Rules

03 October 2022

UAE new visa rules: influx of jobseekers and more freelance roles predicted

New visa rules are predicted to create a flood of job seekers in the UAE market in the next year. The changes, which came into effect …
Zheik Mohammad

03 October 2022

New UAE Golden Visa, Green Visa, long-term visit visa rules come into effect today

New UAE Golden Visa rules and long-term visit visas, including permits to enter and stay in the country, come into effect on October 3, 2022.

Deira Palm Project

02 October 2022

Relaunch of Palm Jebel Ali shows 'sheer demand' for Dubai property

The relaunch of the Palm Jebel Ali megaproject could further turbocharge Dubai’s housing market as real estate agents report …

Dubai enter port

22 September 2022

Dubai is the world’s resurgent entrepot. An influx of Russians shows how ...

Summer is sleepy in Dubai, a time when locals and rich expats flee for cooler climes. For the emirate’s property brokers, though …

22 September 2022

99 Things to do in Dubai, if you're looking for inspiration on your holiday

Dive into the “not so deep” and learn to surf at Laguna Water Park, home to an epic 180 degree surf-machine and a whole lot of …

19 September 2022

Dubai’s ‘most expensive’ townhouse sold for Dh35.5 million

Homes in the development, located on Jumeira Bay Island, offer views of the Arabian Gulf on one side, and the city’s famed skyline on the other.

16 September 2022

UAE ranked top destination across Middle East, Africa and Asia to relocate ...

The United Arab Emirates has emerged the number one destination across Middle East, Africa and Asia and among the top 10 global …

15 September 2022

Dubai rents: Property rental gains still show no sign of slowing after strong summer

Hopes of a cooling down in Dubai home rentals in the coming weeks seem misplaced. In August alone, there were over 36,800 …

14 September 2022

Dubai on track to become one of the ‘wealthiest cities in the world

Home to over 65,000 millionaires, the emirate is strengthened by economic contributions from the financial services …

14 September 2022

Dubai records 18% increase in multimillionaire residents in 2022

Dubai is the 23rd-most popular city in the world for ultra-wealthy residents, after the emirate recorded an 18 per cent increase…

11 September 2022

Dubai real estate set to defy global recession fear. Visa reforms, investor-friendly ...

Policies and ease of doing business will keep Dubai property market resilient and it will swiftly navigate through global recessionary …

07 September 2022

Dubai’s new $5 billion ‘Moon’ proposed as UAE shoots for the stars

Moon Dubai’s lunar surface, surrounded by a “lunar colony,” is designed to handle 2.5 million guests, annually

05 September 2022

UAE Golden Visa, Green Visa: Everything you need to know and how to apply

New visa rules launch in the UAE on October 3, opening up access to the Golden Visa, job exploration visa, and long-term visa options.


04 September 2022

New green visa shows UAE is 'open for business', aimed at professionals ...

The new five-year green visa for residents is proof that the UAE is open for business, a leading employment expert has said.

04 September 2022

UAE real estate set to gain further momentum, as property markets continue ...

The UAE real estate market staged a remarkable growth this year as the global investors reposed trust in the emirate’s successful …

28 August 2022

Dubai stands to gain most as Qatar World Cup fever fuels Middle East tourism boom

Qatar is gearing up for a World Cup tourism boom as the tiny Gulf state prepares to welcome more than a million soccer fans.

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