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The process of purchasing a property can be very strenuous and frustrating. One sure way to easily navigate the rigours of the property market is to choose a reputable partner with a proven track record. By relying on our expertise, we can take the burden off your shoulders, engaging our advisors to help you find just what you need. This is our way of providing a solution to your unique needs – walking with you every step of the way.

Our Suite of Services

Dealing and negotiating with multiple banks for the best mortgage can be a tiresome experience. We can help. Our suite of services include:

Advice on the best mortgage options available.

Close association with a network of leading banks in the UAE.

Negotiating the best interest rates in the country, with fixed and variable interest rate options.

Pre-approval services.

Up to 85% financing for first-time buyers.

No approval-in-principle fee.

Free expert advice and documentation processing.

Options with zero processing fees and zero valuation fees.

Equity release and buy-out options.

Whether you are taking a property handover, making the switch from renting to buying or looking for your dream home, we have great mortgage rates and flexible options to make the process stress-free.

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Why Uber Homes Mortgages?

Get independent, objective advice on your financial options

We are not restricted to any one bank or range of products. We work for you and can make objective recommendations on financing solutions through a variety of lenders. 

Save time with convenient one-stop-shopping

We do the research and shopping for you, so there's no need for you to waste your time organizing appointments with competing mortgage lenders when you be house hunting!

Negotiating on your behalf

Negotiating can be stressful. We act in your best interest and do all the negotiating to secure competitive rates and terms that make sense for you. 

More choices

With a network of major lenders and products to choose from, we can source your ideal mortgage options from banks, credit-unions, non-traditional lenders and more. 

Assurance that you're getting the best rates and terms

We have the negotiating power because lenders compete for their business. To you that means the best rates and terms for your individual needs.

Access to special deals and add-ons

Many financial institutions offer additional funding and benefits. We can tap into the perks and savings you deserve. 

Fast and efficient

From the initial assessment of your unique situation right through to the closing process, transactions move quickly when working with us. 


We are specialists providing expert advice and guidance on mortgage products, interest rates and current housing market conditions. 

No cost to you

We are paid by the lending institutions - which means there's no cost to you and no surprises. 

Ongoing support

Even after your successful mortgage transaction our team is a great source of advice, counsel or future referral needs.  

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