Vijay Jatwani

Vijay Jatwani

Property Consultant at Uber Homes Real Estate

  • Service Areas: Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches
  • Specialties: Off-Plan & Secondary Market Listing & Sales

About Vijay Jatwani

Vijay is a highly motivated and hard-working property consultant, dedicated to his craft, and displays extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion to his clients. By virtue of being born and raised in Dubai, Vijay has witnessed the development of the Dubai property market firsthand. His in-depth knowledge and insight into the Dubai Real Estate Industry has helped his clients navigate the often-challenging waters of the home buying and selling process.

Before entering the real estate world Vijay ran his own trading company, dealing with clients from the Middle East, Iran and North Africa.  He is multi-lingual (speaking English, Hindi, Arabic and Persian with ease) and has a strong understanding of finance and investment avenues, having seen both the growth and stagnation of the market.

Language: English, Hindi, Sindhi, Farsi

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